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"My son was 15 when we went to see Renee and Tracey. Over several appointmentFirst Aid Kit - Homeopath Medicines they gained a thorough understanding of the layers that made up my son's health. They built a trusting relationship with him - a typical 15 year-old, so no easy task! - and worked with us over a year addressing each layer in turn.

Fifteen months down the track my son has grown into a happy healthy young man. He has a healthy attitude to food, to his own personal health and takes control of that. Renee has taken the primary responsibility for my son's health and never appears stumped or puzzled. She has a wonderful integrity and an ability to make you really understand the advantages of homeopathy. Our trust was well-founded. I would recommend Renee (and Tracey of course) without reservation."


"Homeopathy was unknown to me a few years ago and now it is an essential part of my family's health care, well-being and happiness. Renee has treated a few members of my family and enlightened me with her motivating Homeopathic First Aid course. From this course I have been able to better support the health of my young children with remedies at home. It's a nice feeling being able to help your children.

My son has had many visits to see Renee and has got to know her quite well over the years. He always looks forward to his visits with 'Nae' as she has a natural way of making him feel special. Renee has treated my son in a range of ways to encourage and support his good health. Each time I come away from a consultation with Renee I feel relieved and contented that she has been able to understand my concerns. The situation is forever changing (preschoolers!) and can be very erratic at times, yet Renee always finds a treatment which significantly improves our circumstances.

Renee has a real passion for Homeopathy as she has experienced many great results. I really applaud the energy and effort Renee puts into her Homeopathic career and have recommended her to many of my friends and family."


"I sought Homeopathy with Renee for my eye health.

Surface issues were discussed in my initial appointment with Renee, but soon I gained such complete assurance of integrity that a trust built up where I could express more of my inner issues that were the underlying factors of my eye health. I am so impressed with Renee's uncomplicated approach, and how it has led to me gaining excellent eye health. It took several months of remedy and now I’m in control. I consider her to be a 'natural' in this area and would recommend her to any persons considering Homeopathy."




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