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About Renée Perkins – Wellington Homeopath

Tena koe, I’m Renée Perkins, homeopath. I am a registered member of the New Zealand Council of Homeopaths.Renee Perkins - Wellington Homepath

My passion for homeopathy comes from my desire to help people find their individual sense of health, balance and freedom. “To me health is all about freedom, freedom from pain, freedom of choice, freedom of expression.”

I have a professional yet relaxed style of homeopathy, which caters for a general practice that helps individuals achieve, health, balance and freedom amidst the stressors of their own lives.

Being a busy mum allows me to have insight and experience in the issues that parents face, particularly in making decisions about the health and wellbeing of their families.

Working with children is an aspect of clinical practice that I love. Children are very responsive to homeopathy and it is a pleasure to watch them grow and develop with the help of homeopathy, as I have my own son, Jack.

I value people and process in homeopathy. As a homeopath I am the unprejudiced observer. Everybody has their own important story that gives them their individual sense of health and dis-ease. And every story has a right to be told.

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